Zaragoza and San Sebastian


Happy 10th Birthday to my loved 'Mum with Camera' - elbrighteye.blogspot.com blog, space where I've often found relief, energy, inspiration and hope. This is also virtually a place where I weave the weft of my values and lifestyle, with the ambition to realize a whole family tapestry to inspire, provoke and nurture other families and future generations.

This was my first post ever


I am so impressed with myself for persisting in keeping this diary for 10 years. It has become the evidence of some of the most interesting moments of my and my family's life. It has contributed to keep me sane in the most challenging moments of motherhood and it has enhanced my aesthetical skills. Thank you blog! I also want to thank #fabricexperiments  for publishing my pictures and one text of mine about my experience in motherhood in 2 of its editions. Hurray for Mum with Camera!!!!